Saturday, April 18, 2009

After the show

What a fun and busy evening! I had some fantastic discussions with my guests and was surprised (very pleasantly) by their views of my paintings. I was especially surprised by reactions to one painting in particular (the one above) - reactions ranged from "I love it!" to "I can't bear to look". I also noticed that there were stronger and more positive reactions to paintings that had come from a greater emotion even when that emotion wasn't the actual subject of the painting. I do wish I'd thought to have someone take a few photos during the evening - my husband and I were way too busy talking to our guests.

Talking about my work and answering questions is always great for sparking ideas and thoughts about what I do, but it does also make me feel a little fragile for a day or so. Like I bared my soul to someone and I'm not sure if they'll ever speak to me again. Don't know why I'm worried - I'm excited that a few people mentioned they would like to visit the studio so I am planning an Open Studio event for June. In fact, a lady from my neighborhood stopped me in the carpool line today and specifically asked that I let her know next time I do anything.

Wonderfully I did not get hit by the post-show struggle to get back to work as recently described on Tracy Helgeson's blog. Perhaps because I hung the paintings a week or so before the reception and perhaps because I still have plenty of work in progress. I got back from the show determined to tackle a new body of work that's been buzzing around in my head for a while- more on that later in the week!

On a totally different subject, I have signed up for a blog triage with Alyson Stanfield. It starts tomorrow and I'm really excited. I have ideas and intentions but I need something like this to hold me to a timeline and hopefully get past the perfectionism that wants to have every i dotted and t crossed before I post.

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