Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To my blog and its readers

With a commitment to building a more vibrant blog, I signed up for the 4-week Blog Triage class with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield. Today’s assignment is to describe the people I want to visit and read my blog.

I once read an excellent Wanted Ad for a house, which I really enjoyed reading and felt was a very creative way of describing, and making real, a desire or need. I thought I would write my assignment in a similar fashion.

Wanted: Fabulous blog readers for discussions late into the night

I'm looking for a community of blog readers for discussions about art and the creative life. You would be interested in art, whether artists, crafters, collectors, curators - people who love art and want to talk about it.

You are curious people who want to discuss all kinds of art-related topics. We may not always agree but when we disagree, however strongly, it is with respect.

You come from across the globe and are all ages. Many of you will be people I would never normally have met because we come from such different places or cultures. You are at all levels of the creative life and come here to learn and to help.

We discuss materials, art-making, art-viewing, exhibitions, books, life-art balance, learning, all kinds of things via comments and on each others' blogs. However, many of you do not have a blog but enjoy being part of an online community and resource and you create profiles so you can do just that. One day I hope that some of you will write guest posts.

I hear that back in the 60s and 70s everyone knew everyone else in the New York art world and there were a lot of discussions in bars late at night. That sense of community and cooperation seems to have been lost for many reasons. Maybe, just maybe, we can capture a little of that here, online. Maybe we can discuss art late a night because well, it's always late-at-night somewhere online isn't it?! It will be bring-your-own-timezone-appropriate-drink though. Right now mine is coffee -cheers and welcome!


  1. Caroline: I love reading stories about what a tight-knit group artists were in New York. I'd even go back to the 40s and 50s. Ah to have been a fly on the wall in one of those pubs! What a terrific goal for your blog.

  2. Hi Caroline,
    I would love to join your community for discussions on all things artistic. You are right, it is always late in the night somewhere or sometimes just feels like it. This class and your "salon" are opening all kinds of doors already. Thank you.

  3. Hi Caroline, I read your comment on Rose Welty's site. I can so relate to the uncomfortable feeling that stats produce regarding traffic from our websites. I too want to upgrade my website...soon...hopefully this month! Good luck with your endeavours and also great goals for your blog! :-)