Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guerra acrylics - a fantastic paint store I discovered

Guerra acrylics paint chart
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Today I found the most fantastic paint store in East village, Manhattan, and they ship! It's called "Guerra paint and pigment" and this is the beautiful color chart painted on the wall of their store. The owner showed me how to mix the pure pigment (ready dispersed in a carrier) into acrylic binder, which makes an acrylic a little more viscous than Golden fluid acrylics, but which can be diluted up to 600% with water. Then he added a couple of squirts of thickener as I stirred and we made tube consistency paint. It was easy to do and has me very interested in all the potential for getting exactly the paint I want!
They also have flat, or matte, acrylic bases and urethane bases which dry ultra clear and glass-like if you use transparent pigments. Glass beads or other solids can be mixed into the acrylics, as can metallics to make any color you could wish for, although again, transparents like pthalo green work best.
I don't have all the pricing details, but I suspect it could run cheaper for me than all the various gels and mediums, fluid and tube colors I purchase now. Once I get back to Houston I plan on ordering a few basics and trying them out. Results will, of course, be posted here.
Their website is and their address is 510 E 13th street, New York. I'm posting via flickr on my phone so I apologize for the lack of live links.


  1. Can't wait to hear more. I am just now trying the open acrylics to give me more versatility. The possibilities are limitless. This sounds great. I did not see on the link where to order, but I did read more on the website. Let me know.

  2. Judy - I look forward to hearing about your adventures with open acrylics!

    I'm about to order my first set of paints from them since I'm nearly out of most tube paints. Except Pthalo Blues, wonder why that could be?

  3. Hi Caroline - thanks for the comment and the link

    I'd like to refer to this post and use this pic in my 'who's made a mark this week' post next Sunday.

    Is that OK?