Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The hurricane drama continues...

I feel like I'm living in a bad, daytime TV drama... I thought the Desperate Housewives tornado episode was a bit far-fetched at the time. Not any more. It's crazy round here.

Last night I was trying to read by flashlight when we heard a huge boom and a saw a flash of orange in the back yard. Centerpoint had energized the downed power line causing arcing and a fire in our yard. We dialed 911 - not interested as the fire had gone out by then. We called Centerpoint - they were testing the lines. Wow, gotta love their safety procedures. Glad no-one was in our yard at the time! This morning I went out and where the power line touches the grass it has burned away to the dirt. I am so glad that the line is not on our house or garage or dry wood or we would have a major fire on our hands. I didn't sleep all night for thinking of what I would rescue from the house and trying to remember where it was.

Well, I'm filching internet access and a washing machine from a friend who has power. We're all helping each other out where we can.

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