Thursday, September 25, 2008

3 Things I learnt about Simplicity

Image coutesy of Thys.4f

The last 2 weeks 'forced simplification', a.k.a Hurricane Ike, came into my life. I had no power and thus no web-surfing or other time-wasting for 9 days. All the volunteer projects I had going on this months were cancelled. This has left me with the bare bones of my life - my family and my art, and I'm loving it!

So what did I learn?
  1. I thought automating my life by scheduling regular activities would simplify things and free up more mental space for creating. And it does. Having no power, no school (for the kids), no structure to the day made creativity very hard. I drew some but I just could not focus. As soon as I had power back I could rise early and spend an hour in the studio before light. I rediscovered my flow instantly! Habits really are key.
  2. However, habits can only go so far. I was volunteering way more time than I am happy about. Choosing the activities and projects that come into my life is vital. I need to pick and choose more. Way more. And be more careful about dates and scheduling - I had three projects coming due this week!
  3. I need to be professional about my art. It isn't something to be rescheduled for next-to-nothing. If I don't treat studio time like a job, how can I expect others to?

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