Friday, May 23, 2008

Fun Friday

The Glassell exhibition preview was last night and I was there helping at the checkout, wrapping ceramics. It was a fun, energy-filled atmosphere but not too crowded. Not many sales either. Tonight is the actual opening and I'll be going. I've heard it's normally packed with huge checkout lines. This year they've opened up more space to lay out the artwork and I think it looks much better. I was glad to see my pricing was about right too.

This morning I got a lot of tidying done in the studio - just putting stuff away and throwing out trash. The space feels so much bigger already. When I'm working hard and constantly the paints tend to get left out and no cleaning gets done.

Tomorrow I plan to finish building my canvas storage racks. Instead of making them from scratch I am using old shelving from Ikea. Here is the racking so far:

It needs stabilizing and connecting together. I will take some photos and post some step-by-step instructions. It's been really easy to make - mostly store-bought components with some easy modifications.

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