Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're in this together

Musings on attending the Glassell studio school sale and exhibition:
  • It's wonderful to see your fellow artists succeeding. Several of the people I have studied with had work in the juried exhibition. It was easy to me to feel pleased for them even though my piece was rejected. I have suddenly found the attitude that if I keep applying I will have my chance too. And I know that I have been going through an ugly ducking stage this last year.
  • There were so many pieces for sale and each one had been created with care and enthusiasm. It was both saddening and encouraging to see. Why saddening? Well, it was like looking at puppies in a pet shop - all lovable in their own ways and all wanting to be taken to a good home. Which ones will be chosen?
  • It's time I worked on a series based on my themes. Even people I had studied with could not immediately identify my paintings in the sale rooms. I have been experimenting so much recently, which is good in its own way, but now I feel I need to focus.
  • There is abundance. There are so many people creating art, but there are even more people who want to have art on their walls. Right now a lot of those people are buying mass-produced, but I'm sure at least some of them would like a unique, or limited-edition, piece if they just knew where to find them. I think galleries may be just as intimidating to regular joe buyers as they are to emerging artists!

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