Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preparing for a journey

I am so excited about this journey I'm planning to undertake - 3 months of pure fun and experimentation. Right now I am like someone preparing for a long trip. I'm saying my goodbyes (selling some paintings) and packing (tidying my studio).
Today I took 13 paintings to the studio school sale and I'm feeling sadder than I thought I 
would. I just realized I've said goodbye and seen some of those paintings for the last time. All I have left are photographs and memories of their creation. I wonder which will sell and which will come back to me?
This is my studio right now:

There's a lot of 'packing' to be done as you can see! It looks really empty now that there aren't 13 large canvases propped up against every vertical surface. I've been painting big recently - up to 48" square and I think I'm ready to down-scale.

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