Friday, February 29, 2008

A little work, a little synchronicity

I've been feeling low the last few days and very unsure of my abilities. Last night I was reading the blogs of other creative women (Kelly Rae Roberts and Laini Taylor) and feeling inadequate, and angry, and jealous that they have succeeded in selling work, being published, getting into exhibitions. Then I remembered from Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" that anger is a sign that you need to change something. Well, after I wrote out some of my anger and my Inner Critics nasty comments (like "It's easier for her, she doesn't have children", "It's no use, all the paths have been trodden already"), I made a list of actions that I can take this week to get going on my own art path.

Today I got my URL:, so I have a nice, easy-to-remember web address. Then I ordered some free business cards from Vistaprint! Go me! Now I just have to figure out how to move my existing site...

PLUS I sent off an application for a juried exhibition. I'm very impressed with myself today, especially since I had a lousy night's sleep. Usually I use that as an excuse.

I had to recover a load of photo files from the external hard drive today and now I'm erasing and reformatting it. Data was getting corrupted all over the place. It's a very scary process - I have to trust that my back-ups are reliable. I have software that does automatic, regular back-ups to two different places but still! Deliberately deleting my photo library makes me nervous.

And in a nice piece of synchronicity I took a look at Illustration Friday's website for the first time and today's word is "Leap". I certainly took that today after last night's Long Dark Teatime of the Soul. (The title of a Douglas Adams novel - it's always amused me). I think I might henna my hair tonight in celebration of taking some steps forward. Now that really could have some scary results!

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