Monday, March 3, 2008

One day there will be photos

After reformatting my photo drive I found that my Backups wouldn't load. Nightmare! I found a way to break into the files and pull my photos out but out of the 16 DVDs I had, guess which one wouldn't load at all? Yep. The very one I needed. I think I've lost around 6 weeks of photos in the end. Trouble is, my photo library (iPhoto) keeps refusing to import them and is generally misbehaving. I'm in despair. For now I have no photos I can easily find to decorate my pages. I'm lost without that database - 16800 photos is a lot to search through.

I did have some strange synchronicity over the weekend though... I was feeling very discouraged so I opened up my copy of "The Sound of Paper" at random, looking for inspiration and it opened at this page:
"In order to begin, we must start with where we are." Julia Cameron
That's me told, after all my self-pity and jealousy last week.
Then, browsing around on the web, I came across:
"When you are on your path, and it is truly your path, doors will open for you where there were no doors for someone else." Joseph Campbell
Thanks Universe, I needed that!

I got this piece for the Quilting Arts reader challenge finished and emailed. I'm not a big quilter but I love the layering of quilting and I see ways to incorporate that and the textures into my mixed-media paintings. I had fun with this one and finally I'm quietly pleased with it. I went to the store to get more sewing machine needles and found some cool shell attachments that brought it all together. Talk about last minute though...

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