Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A visual person's "to do" list

Moleskine planner

Finally, thanks to Nick at todoodlist, (yes, that's an affiliate link), I have figured out a planning/to do list too that works for me. It's a humble plain moleskine and a pencil: you can see it there in the photo. I took some of Nick's ideas - the doodled "to do" list and the notebook with tabs - and added some things I needed, like a section for sketching/scribbling and a section to record studio time. Unlike the planners in the stores it is totally adaptable. My calendar is on my phone so I have no use for all those diary pages!

Todoodling is a planning method for anyone who thinks mind-map fashion rather than list fashion, or who just likes doodling with pencil on paper. I tried electronic task lists but they didn't show how everything linked up the way I saw it in my head. Then I tried planning in Bento (a database program for Mac) that put my actions into iCal but it was still too linear.

Below is a photo of my studio time record, an idea from Lisa Call's blog. Oh, and while I was looking around her blog for the correct link I came across a great post on Taskboards which I'm going to investigate further. Lisa juggles a full-time job with her art-making and I am in total awe of all that she achieves.

Studio time record

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  1. After doing one of the Art House sketchbook projects earlier this year I realized how perfect the moleskines were. My son and I carry them around all the time. At 19 he uses his for graffiti ideas. I am glad he discovered moleskines and used spray paint only on t-shirts. I love the portability of the books. My "planner" has become unwieldy, these dividers are a brilliant idea, thank you for passing that on.