Friday, November 7, 2008

Color, beautiful color

I thought I'd share something my painting tutor, Arielle Masson, spoke about in our class this week. We were discussing ways to choose colors to use in an abstract painting and she told us about the color cards she has made for herself. She uses business card sized pieces of card and paints various mixtures of her paints on them - noting the mix on the back so she can replicate it. Then, when she needs some color inspiration she spreads out the cards and tries out different combinations.

I spent a happy morning mixing colors and painting the backs of old business cards and here are the results!

I found some beautiful colors just from taking one mixture and thinking "What would happen if I added...". Some colors have 3 to 4 parent colors, not including titanium white. I'm going to continue this exercise any time I'm working.

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