Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Word of the Year


Release! by Destinys Agent, on Flickr

Now announcing (drumroll please) the year of...

Release and Reconnect

Yes, I know. TWO words. That would be cheating if these things had rules.

Up to yesterday I had just the one word, release, that seemed so right for the simplifying I need to continue. What happened? On impulse I called a friend of a friend, who I have not seen or spoken to in two years, to ask her about yoga classes. We chatted happily about other things and when she mentioned that a goal for this year was for her to "reconnect with friends" I knew that reconnect was another word for me too.

In 2011 I will release stuff, obligations, people who drain me and the word 'should'.

I will reconnect with old friends (most of my friends and family are scattered across the world), and with activities and interests that have been pushed aside in the daily rush.

How did I know what my words were? When I read or heard them I just knew they were right. They resonated with me and had a thrill of excitement about them. More than Clarity which was the first word I thought of. Perhaps they will bring me clarity!

Tomorrow I'll post a little about my plans. Until then, what's your word? Or two words? Or phrase?

Here is Lisa Call's post on her word of the year.
And here is Christine Kane's post that gave me my first word and has lots of ideas for word(s) of the year.

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  1. Interesting to read your post here. Your 2 words resonate with me too and I find it coincidental that you considered Clarity - that was my word for 2010.

    P.S. I chose multiple words for 2011 'Color my world' and I described it more on my blog.