Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who let the Critic in?


At some point, back in January, the Critic burst back into my life, making rude comments about working on computers and engineers being all black and white. Although a real person made those comments, and although they were not made about me personally, my nasty little Inner Critic got a great boost of inspiration and has been torturing me ever since. I'm not going to share what she says. If you have ever tried to do anything worthwhile you will have heard that voice - "It's no use", "You can't do it". Yep, knew you'd heard it.

As a result I haven't written many blog posts and I've become a true expert at Procrastination and Time Wasting. As of tonight I declare that OVER. Thanks to Charlie Gilkey's planners the next few weeks might see me moving forwards again.


  1. It is easy to believe the bad things..who is that little person in us who tells us how worthless we are? And why do they have such power over us? Isn't life hard enough with the real critics? Hang in there..I am sure your nice person is strong enough to drown out that guy!

  2. Bravo!! Glad to hear you're calling a halt to the nonsense and are moving forward again. Critics will always be a part of who we are and what we do.
    Perhaps learning to neutralize one will be a lesson learned from this experience.

  3. Thanks Kay and Laure! I'm pretty sure I can be strong enough but that voice can be hard to put a stop to. It is a strange comfort to know that everyone struggles with the Critic and that voice never goes away.

  4. Caroline...i love your photo "reflections" ! Remember what you said in your post regarding a dream collage..."you can tell the power of a dream by the resistance it creates in you." Maybe you're on to something great here!!

  5. I try to stick out my tongue at my inner critic, but she knows me so well that she knows just how to cut me dead. Stick with yourself, and I'm glad to have found you.