Thursday, February 11, 2010

Immediately and Imperfectly

Light and Shine

©2010 Caroline Roberts

I get Christine Kane's e-newletter and yesterday it was about procrastination. Since then these lines have been going around in my head:
"When I read Stephen King's book On Writing, I noticed something. I noticed that when Stephen King gets an idea, he writes it. Immediately and imperfectly."

So today, after an inspiring visit to Kia Neill's studio, I came home and played with a light and reflections diorama. It wasn't pretty (until the light shone on it), it's made from an old shoebox and a bunch of shiny stuff I have lying around. It took me five minutes to collect the materials together and about 15 very fun minutes to construct the diorama. I got my idea down and took 45 photos. No, it's not perfect and it's only a snippet of an idea, but I am pleased I did it. Now to do the same tomorrow!

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