Monday, August 31, 2009

Back in the Studio, or not.

Bark and Vine

16"x16" acrylic on canvas ©2008 Caroline Roberts

It's been slump week here at the studio. Not a lot of progress and lots of whining and work-avoiding. I have totally lost my mojo.

It all went wrong when I tried to force my work in a direction I feel I 'ought' to take. Bad move and a shortcut to avoiding the studio and playing computer games. Oh, and hitting in a big way. Not quite as expensive as a visit to the mall (I did make my own coffee) but I had promised myself I would read the books I already have first. Almost all the purchases are art-related: reading is my procrastination of choice.

Of course, some of this is because I expected too much. I haven't had studio time for 12 weeks and I waltzed in expecting to do something meaningful the first day. I did get off to a good start - the usual playlist on the ipod helped - but then I started on that new direction thing and the muse left the room in disgust.

So, after writing this I will go in the studio a humbler artist and beg my muse's forgiveness. I may even take flowers. And chocolate (although she'd better show up quick if she wants a share of that). I'm going to play and doodle today - no pressure.

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