Monday, June 8, 2009

Blasting off with a Dream

Vision Board

Did I mention that I'm taking the Blast Off! class with Alyson Stanfield yet? Wow, what an experience it has been and we're only at day 4. I'm afraid to ask what comes next.

Day 2's assignment was to create a Vision Board (see above) which I finally finished today. I'm really pleased with it and surprised by some of the images that made the cut. What is a patchwork quilt doing there? Or a stack of teacups?! I don't know yet why they are on the board, but they evoke memories of making things with my grandmother: sewing projects and such.

Which brings me to something else. Just as I thought I had the direction of my work all figured out, this exercise brought my loves of lettering and fabric back into the light. What is that all about? I thought I'd managed to focus on one skill area at last.

They say you can tell the power of a dream by the resistance it creates in you. If that's right then this dream points true north. My Inner Editor (that hateful beast) keeps screaming "You can't do this with children! This kind of yoga, outdoor, artist life is for singles in their twenties. Grow up!". Nasty, isn't she.

Defying gravity is hard work.


  1. Oy, your Inner Editor & my Inner Chattering Monkey should go have coffee together! LOL

    I am determined to do MY yoga, outdoor, artist life WITH my children. So take that, Chattering Monkey! :D
    You can tell your Inner Editor to meet my C. Monkey at the coffee shop. It'll free us both up to do our life's work.

  2. Why not prove it possible? I think you're just the lady to do it Caroline!

  3. oddvenus: I would love for my Inner Editor to go for a coffee with your Chattering Monkey (love that name!) - how about tomorrow morning so I can get a painting finished? Love the attitude, it brought tears to my eyes, thank you.

    Rose: I'm determined to do it, thank you!

  4. I would love to have my Inner Judge join the Inner Editor and Chattering Monkey for coffee - or in my case tea! I love your vision board and am incidentally working on one of my own!

  5. I'm taking the class too and I must've skimmed over the part of the vision board - shame on me for doing this half-assed. I like the images you chose! Especially the one of the garden... I've been interested in gardening lately and I never have before. I suppose I should revisit some earlier lessons of the class and take time to create a visual of my vision ;-)

  6. Caroline: Thank you for posting this. It's so fun to see these! How about some psychoanalysis from someone who has no business doing psychoanalysis?

    I wonder if the quilt is a metaphor for coziness or comfort? And maybe the stacked teacups a metaphor for organization and order? I tend to be attracted to photos like that and cut them out for no reason other than I like the image itself.

  7. Oops! That was from me. Sorry just the "a" in my name got up there.

  8. Hi Caroline, I'm in the class too and have only written my vision. Seeing yours gets me excited to make mine! The images you have chosen look like a wonderful life to have! I especially like the dancers...well, and the garden and Venice and the tea cups. Thanks for sharing. Congrats!

  9. This is lovely, Caroline! I'm in the class too, and like Erin also fudged on the Vision Board making bit. While I make my board maybe I can distract your Inner Editor for a few hours and you can go do some outdoor art? :)

  10. Traci, Jaime, Erin, Anna, oddvenus: I'm sending out an invitation to all your Inner Editors/Chattering Monkeys/Judges to come over for a playdate while you get those vision boards finished! Hopefully they will have so much fun criticizing each other that I will get some work done too. ;)

    Alyson: I really don't know why I went for those images, maybe I just like the colors. Maybe the quilt is a subconscious longing for cooler weather - it was 101F here today.