Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Review and Goal Setting

2008 Review

Looking over the past year I can see some steps forward and some back. Keeping my life balanced and all the balls in the air seems to be the hardest thing for me.
  • started this blog
  • sold two paintings at one exhibition
  • registered domain name and set up website
  • learnt a LOT about abstract art, and art in general, from Arielle Masson at Glassell
  • body of artwork became more cohesive
But my fitness goals went down the drain.

2009 Plans

This is the part I have fun with - making plans and setting goals. This year I have split my plans down by month too since I have trouble with getting overwhelmed by large, simultaneous goals.

  • Get a schedule and routines in place so the little things in life don't disturb my studio time. And by 'little things' I do not mean the kids.
  • Get a solid body of work together.
  • Write and post at least two blog entries a week.
  • Go to at least two exhibitions or galleries a month.
  • Read 50 books, keeping a simple list of them. Preferably books I already own.
  • Reread I'd Rather Be in the Studio and get art business organized.
  • Talk to my local independent coffee shop about an exhibition.
  • Host an Open Studio.
  • Devise (and then follow) a study plan to hone my painting and drawing skills. Perhaps a skill a month?
  • Get to the gym or go running at least three times a week.

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  1. Caroline, this is a great list. And I love seeing IRBITS on there, of course! I also love the "read 50 books." That is so ambitious! I started keeping track of books I read in a small Moleskine notebook. I often forget to make note of them, but play catch up later. It's really helpful when it comes time to remember titles.

    Happy New Year!